Rabu, 30 September 2009

A little thing to something: A note to a new tenant. Part 1

It is widely known and unquestionable that every human is a weak and helpless creature since a baby. He or she cannot do anything without the help of someone else and the surrounding. That is a small human creature and, of course, there is not any false thing to confront with. When she or he becomes bigger and bigger and becomes adult, he is to do anything sometimes with or without the presence of another then this causes someone becomes different with another. This all depends on where she or he comes from; from what kinds of family or environment background she or he has had before that create someone personality.

Is it wrong if we have different personality with another one? Does it bother anyone with it? The answer is depends on we have in our own mind ourselves. If you think it does not bother anyone one may think it has nothing to so with someone else so you maintain on your own. Then one does not care to someone else because of selfishness. Is it?

A little thing that a writer suggests to everyone who wants to be greater and greater is do something small for a better thing. Does it sound bad if you can do something good not only for the shake of your life but also for someone else around you.

For example, when you move to a new town, house, office, or just rent a room. You feel you have rented it then you do not care to your lodge mate, officemate, or anyone for you think you do not have something to do with it. Why do not you try to say hello to them and introduce you yourselves that you are new in that place. Is it hard to do it? Of course it is easy.

You feel the great thing happens next day when they address you and help you when you need a hand from someone. Even, greater thing that you have never expected or imagined in your mind before. So try to say hello and give your nicest smile to your surrounding.

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