Kamis, 01 Oktober 2009


Do you have a dream?
This is the first day of my class at post graduate program.
The most point that I love to record are some tips from the lecturers how to succeed in the master degree. They are:
First, we must plan our study that we want to study on time. We must have a plan that we must finish our study two years unless we have to finance it ourselves. And I think every one has signed a letter that states that all the scholarship holders are to finish the study in two years. Does anyone know how to do it?
Second, we must build students habits. All of us are teachers. At school we are teachers and always instruct students to do something. Here, we are not teachers but students so we must be ready in doing assignments given by the lectures. Forget our profession at our place who accustomed to giving orders to our students and be ready with the assignment given to us.
Third, we must develop or stop our habits. In this way we must recognize the effect of every habit we have. if our habits can cause negative effect then we have to stop and vice verse, if it causes positive effect we must develop it.
Fourth, think strategically. This a brilliant suggestion. we have to build our dreams by developing our dream from now on. So, in doing our assignment, write anything concerning our future thesis theme in order that we can get clearer strategy or idea when we write our thesis in the future.
Fifth, Do anything at the schedule given seriously. Do not do anything late it is suggested that we do in advance or beforehand.
The last but not least, that UM does not create the great man but the students themselves must make themselves become great ones..

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