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How to Attract Students' Attention: A Note to Unattractive Teachers (Bagaimana Menarik Perhatin Siswa)

Being a teacher is just like an entertainer. This profession needs something so the presence of the teacher could attract the audience/people that are students. There are several aspects that could help teachers to do their jobs better.

It's possibly that what I am going to write is not scientifically proven but the way we dress in front of the classroom influences the students attraction. Have you ever thought you have ever felt desperate in teaching because the students didn't pay much attention to you. It could be caused by the way to dress up in front of them.

Look, we come to school from Monday to Friday or Saturday at the same style, in formal way. On Monday we wear green uniform, because it is our uniform on Monday, "Waskat" uniform on the next two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday we wear batik or special costumes designs, and for Friday we wear sports uniform. Then, finally we do not have other clothes or motives because we do not need to buy since we never go and wear other clothes anywhere except on Sundays.

First, Based on my personal observation and of course unofficial along with my experiences of being teacher, I assume that the students are getting bored of looking almost all teacher have the same style everyday. They appreciate or feel different or have something new when they see, let say, a teacher with different style of clothes than other teachers. It happened to me when I wore blue boxes shirt in teaching them. They commented anything I wore like: interesting, funky, gaul or fashionable, different, and the best teacher. What I am writing here is not exaggerating or being flattered with those comments, anyway but it happened every time I wore different style than others in the classroom or outside the classroom activities.

Don't you think that it is a good step ahead before we get through their attention before we teach them. "Just like ATTRACT FROM THE FIRST SIGHT". For, when we meet somebody new, and we want to deliver something and they pay attention to us early before we deliver the message, it is easy for us to do it easily than if they have no any attention from us. You see, that is the first attention given by the audience is from our outer performance not from the course delivered because they do not know yet what we are going to delivered to them.

To "ibu guru yang cantik" Women teachers, let me say, being fashionable means we must adjust ourselves in the right condition. For example, don't dress up with glaring make up that supposes to be exaggerating like "ondel-ondel" because it disturbs students attention too. Or wearing high heel shoes that make you hard to move freely because a good teacher does not the students by sitting in front of the classroom all the way long until the class finished.

Second, To "bapak guru" men teacher s, keep your body smell good. Why I only say to "bapak Guru" because they usually forget or hard to use perfume. May be they say that they do not get use to having it. You know that there are hundreds brands of perfumes that we can choose to which fit to our body and taste. Or, if you are really unsavory with my suggestion you would better change your shirt every day to hinder the bad smell or do not forget to wear sleeveless T-shirt or underpants, I find certain person do not like wearing it. To tell you the truth that the students or other people are really disturbed with our bad odor.

Third thing that we must remember is the way we open the class, let say how we encounter the students attraction just before we give them something new, that is breaking ice. Based on the teaching methodology it is suggested that before we come to the aim of our topics in teaching we would better give the students ice-breaking activities; but it ought to relate with the content or topic given to them. Subconsciously, their mind will catch the points. And of course it should be an interesting activity for if it is not they will not be interesting with it. And when they encounter something happily it is not difficult for teachers to give the message to the students.

To become a successful teacher means we must understand the art of attracting somebody else; if we know it will ease our jobs in doing the next things we are going to deliver. Don't be easily tense up when they do not pay attention to you but find out first why they do so, it might caused by your clothes or bad smell.

Malang, Sept 8th, 2009.

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