Jumat, 24 Desember 2010


As teacher, sometimes there are times that it is hard to mobilize students' activeness. When they are not ready, we get the problem how to start teaching. Actually, there are many things to mobilize them before teaching our students. Follow some of simple things below:



First:, divide your students into several groups of three, four or two.
Second, timing. Manage the rules in terms of minutes (2 or 3 minutes only).
Third, classify what kinds of animals should be mentioned for example mammals, carnivores, etc.
Fourth,if there are more than two group you make some rounds. Ask two groups compete in front of the class and the winner will compete for the next round. Make another round and get the winner. Each winner of a round compete for the final winner.
Fifth, this is the most interesting one, give them a gift or present. Well, it might be small thing, but at least they can be motivated.
Sixth. Be a fair one. Because it is imperative to show that we are really fair in doing the game.

The topic can be changed as the same topic will make them bored. You can change with the name of planets, cities around a country, names of films, actors/actress, scientists, or names of words started with a certain alphabet for instance started with 'W' or ends in '-ce'. you can modify it by your own.

2. To be continued on part 3.

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