Jumat, 02 Desember 2011

Teacher's Dairy

Dear all teachers,

After two years of being absent of teaching, I come back to teach again. Feeling happy because I would see the faces of future generations would be made me feel very enthusiastic. since I have to replace the previous teacher I should start from the previous lesson taught by the previous teacher.
To my surprise, the students could not remember what they have got. "What's wrong with them?" the question passed by on my mind. Did we teach the using the right method to our students so that the students remember the lesson well.
It should be kept in our mind that the proper technique applied in our teaching will influence to the success of the classroom teaching activities.
as teachers, we should have various kinds of methods or techniques and know which one is appropriate to the need of certain materials. if one is not suitable, we should change with another.
So, keep in mind, what we have done in our class if after the class the students' competencies are still low or nothing. Change your teaching style then.
Tanjung Redeb, Borneo, Dec 3, 2011

Ali M. Syuryanto

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