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Semester Test
Subject : Pronunciation Practice                                                Lecturer               : Ali M. Syuryanto
Semester            :  I
1.       What is the definition the following terms?
a.       Voiced sound
b.      Nasal sound
c.       Bilabial
d.      Labiodentals
e.      Dental
f.        Alveolar
g.       Palatoalveolar
h.      Palatal
i.         Velar
j.        Glottal
k.       Plosives
l.         Fricatives
m.    Affricates
n.      Nasal
o.      Lateral
p.      Approximants
2.       What is the difference between consonant and vowel?
3.       Find the phonetics symbol for the following words!
a.       These
b.      Submit
c.       Devote
d.      Knee
e.      Psychology
f.        Thought
g.       Physical
h.      Brought
i.         Tough
j.        Choose
k.       Large
4.       Give 5 words of examples of the term in number 1!
5.       In English we have diphthong and triphtong. Do we have those in Indonesia? Clarify your answer!

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