Selasa, 25 Maret 2014

How to be The Best Teacher 2

     Some say that teachers are just like an artist. They need to be perfect in every thing, dress, make up or performance. They work in front of the class that their performance influence much to their students. Teachers are those who deal with the students every day. They teach and educate them everyday. They often criticize the students if they go wrong. but the teachers themselves never know who they are. How they behave and misconduct them or not, succeed or not, effective or not in teaching them. Mostly or in average, they only teach and educate them and only measure them in cognitive way. They never know whether they are loved or not by their students are uncared.
     To make the teachers more aware about themselves, they can do small thing like: asking their feeling at the end of the class, do small survey about you in the classroom, or ask your colleges to come to your class when you are teaching and and her/him to criticize the way you are teaching.
     But, in doing your survey, you do by giving options or you can do an open survey.These things are good to make your next performance more effective as you know that from those you will know your weaknesses or strength from others point of view.

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